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Design Design


Austfield can assist in planning, design documentation and construction of residential & commercial projects.

With over 40 years of experience in building design & construction, we can provide our clients with all in house services including but not limited to the following:

  • DA & CC documentation services.
  • Council approvals & complying development.
  • Passive solar + thermally efficient design.
  • Full 3D home design service.

3D Virtual Home design

For Design and Documentation Austfield use the latest software in ‘Building Information Modelling’ (BIM). We produce high resolution 3D renderings, panoramas, virtual reality objects and animations using ArchiCad, Chief Architect and Artlanties to. Austfield can share project rendering and 3D virtual walk throughs to allow you to look at the finish project before you build it.
in addition, we use 3D computer modelling to achieve the following:

  • Facilitate the Concept Design process through a clear 3D/virtual presentation.
  • Allow comparison of different design ideas in shorter time frames.
  • Provide Council/PCA and suppliers with an accurate, detailed and clear presentable construction documents
  • Refine, colours, materials & finishes selections to client requirement in 3D